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Venta Humidifier

Venta humidifiers are high quality, making them good humidifiers for babies. They feature nano-silver technology, which provides microbial protection, as well as prevents bacterial growth, and calcium and lime build up.

A Venta humidifier is ultra-quiet, making them ideal for a nursery. You may hear some gentle clicking noises as the settings automatically change, but these are minimal. In comparing other models, these are not as loud as most, helping ensure baby gets a good night’s rest.

The Venta Sonic VS205 has both warm and cool mists. Both can be beneficial in helping with cold and flu symptoms, as well as sore throat and itchy skin. Using the warm or cool setting is a matter of preference, as it is individual which temperature provides better relief.

The Venta can humidify up to 600 square feet. It is important to choose a humidifier appropriate to the size area you want to treat. If you choose a humidifier with too little or too much capacity, it can cause ill effects.

On the Sonic VS205, the water tank is 1.8 gallons. Running the machine nearly 24 hours a day only requires one refill. The tank, as well as the rest of the machine, should be done about once per week. Changing the wicks and filters should take place often, to extend the life of your machine and keep it sanitary and running well.

By generating a micro fine mist, the Venta humidifies the room. While most humidifiers leave a white dust around it, with proper care, a Venta humidifier will not. Using filtered or distilled water will help to ensure you are dust free. To help with this, frequent cleanings are a must. This can be achieved with a damp cloth and the small bristle brush provided.

Venta humidifiers make great humidifiers for babies. They have many extra features that make them a joy to use. It measures the humidity in the room and turns off when the air hits a certain setting. You can control how humid you want the room, and it will turn back on if the humidity falls below that setting. The machine also automatically turns off when it is out of water, and there is an indicator light to alert you when it does.

You can purchase the Venta Sonic VS205 for around one hundred dollars from places such as and Ace Hardware. Replacement parts and additional products, such as water treatment additive, can also be purchased from these retailers.

The health benefits one of these humidifiers can provide your infant is worth more than the cost. A Venta humidifier can help with the symptoms of colds and flu, and as well as dry, scratchy throat, and itchy skin. It can also help with allergies and asthma.

Venta humidifiers are wonderful additions to the nursery. They are fairly inexpensive, quiet, and efficient. These machines last for a while, and with proper care, a very long time. For the busy parent, they are also relatively low maintenance, which is important as well. And for the parents of a sick baby, they can be a lifesaver.

More information can be found on the Venta website.

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