Find The Best Information On Humidifers For Babies

A ReliOn Humidifier can make a great addition to any nursery. The ReliOn brand, available exclusively at Wal-Mart, produces humidifiers for babies at an affordable cost. Wal-Mart carries three models: the mini USB, evaporative (ultrasonic), and cool mist humidifier.

The ReliOn brand of humidifiers can provide many benefits for your family. They can help relieve cold and flu symptoms, soothe dry and itchy throats and chapped skin. Often those with allergies and asthma can find some relief from using a humidifier as well.

The cool mist humidifier uses moist air in the form of a light mist. This mist passes through a moistened filter, trapping impurities before being released into the room. It also has two moisture settings and up to 36 hours of operation. This humidifier is best suited to small rooms. The filter for this humidifier should be replaced twice per season, and regular cleaning of the filter is required. The cool mist humidifier is less than 12 inches on all sides, and is a wonderful pick if you need small size, with long lasting capabilities. For around $25, you can purchase this humidifier.

The evaporative, or ultrasonic, humidifier has several features that make it a good choice. It has a variable mist control, so you can regulate how much humidity is released into the room. With this model, you can expect approximately 20 hours of cool mist per fill. A little less than 12 inches by 12 inches, this is a good choice if you need to save on space. The evaporative ReliOn humidifier can be purchased for under $30.

A third model ReliOn offers is a portable mini USB humidifier. This model can plug into the USB of your computer, so you can add humidity to the air, anywhere. Consider this model if you need something on the go, or for travel situations. The portable mini is great for long trips in the car, if the heat during the winter dries out your sinuses and eyes. At only a few inches wide and long, this is good for small spaces, where you may not have a lot of room to place it. Retailing for under $20, it is an inexpensive way to find relief on the go.

Replacement filters can also be purchased at Wal-mart. There are two types of replacement filters available. Both types are available for well under ten dollars. Filters should be cleaned and replaced often to optimize the life of the machine.

All of these models would make good humidifiers for babies. When deciding which ReliOn model to choose, keep in mind the size of the room so you do not buy one that cannot properly humidify the size if the room you intend it for. Also look at the actual size of the machine, and make sure you have enough space where you wish it to go.

ReliOn humidifiers come in three cost-effective, space-conscious, and convenient models. Choose the correct one to meet the needs of your family and, with proper upkeep, it will meet your needs for a long time. The ReliOn humidifiers are available both at Wal-Mart retail stores, and on

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