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Essick Humidifier

The Essick line of single room humidifiers are perfect humidifiers for babies. There are three single room models to choose from: The E 35 000, 7D6 100 and E 27 00, humidifying between 600-800 square feet. They have many features that make them a good choice.

All three models are evaporative humidifiers. They contain a replaceable wick, which captures the minerals from the water before they are disbursed into the air. This helps prevent the dreaded white dust that is so common when using a humidifier. Another step you can take to help prevent the dust is to use filtered or distilled water.

The 7 D6 100 humidifies up to 700 square feet. It has built in humidistat and hygrometer, both of which determine the level of humidity in the room. With a quiet nighttime setting, this is a great choice. There is a 4 speed motor, along with a 2 gallon capacity and up to a 3 gallon per day output.

The E 35 000 humidifies up to 800 square feet. It has a 3.5 gallon output, and 2 gallon water capacity. There is a 2 speed motor, with analog hygrometer. The humidity level is adjustable, so you can decide what level is comfortable and most beneficial to your baby.

The E 27 000 can humidify up to 640 feet. It has a 2.7 gallon output per day, with a 2 gallon capacity. The base is dishwasher safe, and it has a 2 speed motor. This one would be a good choice for most sizes of nurseries.

When choosing your Essick humidifier, keep in mind a few things. Weigh the cost versus the benefits to your infant, and buy the best model you can with your budget. Also keep in mind the size of the baby’s room. A humidifier too small will be ineffectual and a waste of resources. A humidifier too large and you could run the risk of developing mold due to excessive moisture.

Essick produces high quality humidifiers. Essick air humidifiers come with an excellent warranty. The warranty is two years for motor, and a one year for all other components, except wicks.

An Essick humidifier can have many benefits in your home. During the winter, heated air can suck the moisture out of living things, such as people, pets, and plants. A humidifier can help add that needed moisture back. Humidifiers can also help lower your heating bills, since the air seems warmer from the moisture.

Humidifiers made by Essick are perfect humidifiers for babies. They can help soothe the symptoms of a cold or the flu, itchy, dry skin, or parched, scratchy throats. Many have reported their asthma and allergy symptoms have been soothed by humidified air.

It is well worth the expense to add a humidifier to the nursery for all the benefits they provide. Essick humidifiers are available for under $100 for the single room modules. More information can be found at Essick Air.  The humidifiers, and their replacement parts, can be purchased from local and online retailers such as

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