Inspire the Baby Genius
New parents can be a little competitive in terms of what their kids learn first or can do first. Well, they may be the same age as little Johnny next door but my little girl can count to ten and sing the alphabet forwards and backwards. Parents want to give their kids an edge; to help them learn to make learning fun. It give them so much pleasure when they succeed in acquiring a new skill and sure there is the added benefit that they can call a brother, sister , parent or friend to ‘brag’ a little. Isn’t this part of the fun of being a new parent? Enjoying all these little moments of learning? Sure it is, so enjoy it because these moments are so fleeting and the next thing you know you’ll be packing their things to head to College.

With this in mind what better gift than a newborn baby gift basket with an educational theme.

These sets will include a variety of items that can trigger all of the senses and be a big hit for parents as well as the infants. Included will be some of the most popular learning tools from Baby Einstein. Books with bright colored pictures, CD’s with music that will envelop them with sounds, a variety of shapes and textures, and DVD’s that will compliment the theme and serve as a very valuable learning tool. Anyone can go to their local big box discount store and get Diapers, face cloths, lotions and cotton swabs but these educational gift baskets are thinking far beyond the basic necessities and focusing on stimulating their senses and helping them develop new skills and learn about their environment.

Another great feature about the gift baskets, the reusable containers the gift items are packed into. Bins and baskets done up in bright colors with no toxic paints of course. Containers that can be turned into toy containers, waste baskets, or hold a collection of toiletries. Have you seen a baby with a box? Some of these containers can serve as functional party hats for toddlers too if they get their hands on them. If you are looking for an ideal gift for a newborn, these gift baskets with an educational theme are a great choice and one that ever new parent will put to use for sure. Help give those new parents the bragging rights they deserve!

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