You’ve been down this path before. You know the drill. You are a pro. After all, you made it through your first pregnancy. You are already well-versed with what to expect with baby number two, right? Well, sort of.

Baby number two will bring you the same great joy, the same late nights and the same end result, but the rest could be very different. Sure you know better what to expect, and you will probably be more in tune with what is happening, you might even worry less, but you will also be chasing your first born — possibly with all new symptoms. Every kid is different, and so is every pregnancy.

8 Pregnancy Tips For Baby Number Two

You are superwoman, but… – Pregnancy is utterly exhausting. With my first I took a daily nap between work and dinner and was pretty much ready for bed after dinner.
But when I got pregnant with my second, I no longer had the luxury naps – I had another child to care for. So I channeled my inner superhero and powered through. Sure I was tired, but there were things that had to get done! You will amaze yourself how much more you can do while pregnant the second time around, but don’t forget to ask for help when you need it. You can do a lot, probably more than the first time, but you can’t do it all.

Your heart will grow ten times – No, not literally, but when you give birth you will feel like your heart swells as you fall in love all over again. My biggest fear throughout my second pregnancy was my ability to love a second child as much as I loved my first. My world revolved around my first born. How could I have the capacity to love another like that? After my second was born, I couldn’t believe I spent a second worrying about it. Much like the Grinch, my heart just grew and I was filled with love for my tiny baby. Take comfort in knowing others have the same fear, you will love your second baby too.

Pop – From the moment those two pink lines appeared, I couldn’t wait for my belly. As soon as the tiniest belly appeared, I rushed out and bought a maternity wardrobe. By the time I was pregnant with my second I realized that you don’t need a maternity wardrobe, just a few key pieces. Instead of shopping expensive maternity stores, I found forgiving tops and skirts at T.J.Maxx more comfortable and far less expensive. With baby number two you are likely to pop earlier, but remember you will only need those clothes for a few months. Make the clothes you have work, shop second-hand, borrow from friends and as a last resort buy a few bottoms to go with everything.

Let it go – Remember how you over-analyzed everything during your first pregnancy? You might have even had a mini panic attack when trying to register for the right baby gear (oh wait, that was me). How many pregnancy books did you buy during your first pregnancy? I think I had seven. Guess how many I even looked at during my second pregnancy? Zero. Be confident in what you already know, if something big comes up call your doctor, but it’s time to pass those books onto another newbie. One thing you shouldn’t let go is your health, make sure you are getting the proper nutrition you need by brushing up on food rules for pregnant women.

Stop to smell the roses – While the are days long, the nine months are short especially when you are trying to keep up with another child. It is easy to coast through a second pregnancy forgetting to marvel at the little things like you did with your first, but before you know it baby will be here. Take time to enjoy the pregnancy moments and some extra special one-on-one time with your big kid. Take it all in.

Prepare your first born – This was my other fear — how to help my three year old accept her baby sister. “The key is to involve big sister/big brother as much as possible,” said Winter Park Memorial Hospital Baby Place parent education instructor Naida Halligan. By involving children in the process, they feel like part of the family — not like they are being replaced. From small things (Can you hand mommy her shoes?) to big things (What color do you think the baby would like his/her room to be?) make it a point to show them they are important too. Remind them over and over just how much you love them and that you can’t wait for them to meet their sibling. For even more help preparing your first born, Winter Park Memorial Hospital hospital offers a sibling class for expecting big sisters/brothers.

Change it up – No doubt there were things you wished you had done differently during your pregnancy and/or delivery. This is your chance. Go back and think about the first time around, did you wish you had a maternity photo shoot — do it. Did you forget to make sure they donated your cord blood (my biggest delivery regret), make sure your wishes are well-known. This is your pregnancy do over, it is your chance to learn from your previous mistakes and make things the way you want them.

Take an audit – If you were planning to have another baby, chances are you saved everything (I certainly did). But you will be surprised how many things are out of date or just stopped working in storage (our perfectly good swing died). Take an audit of your baby gear early and figure out what you need and what you already have. If you can make do with what you have, great! But it is important to treat yourself / your baby to a few new things too, after all this is baby’s first time and it should be special. Making a list will help you answer friends and family with practical wishes when they ask you what you need for baby.


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